The last time my wife and I went to the movies it cost us over $50.  That was tickets, a meal and a drink.  And not an alcoholic drink but I needed one when I saw how much everything was.  I don't want to sound like the "back in my day" guy but I think I am and I'm not apologizing.  It would seem as though movie theaters would be reducing prices to compete with the at-home movie platforms but the reality is they're going in the opposite direction.  So far this year movie theater attendance is down from previous years which may have to do with the quality of movies.  Obviously, the new Avengers will change that trend at least for one movie.

There is, however, some fiscal relief this Summer when some AMC Theaters in our area offer a pretty good deal.  According to, participating locations are launching a "Summer Movie Camp" for kids.  One day a week kids get a ticket to a kid-friendly movie, popcorn, drink and sweet treat for only $4.


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