Metal songs don't often make their way onto talent shows, and when they do, the judges are typically in for quite a shock. An American Idol contestant auditioned for the show with an intense cover of Dio's "Holy Diver," and although she put on quite the performance, she was rejected.

The contestant's name is Rach Karma, and she tried out during Week 4 of Season 21, which is currently airing. The singer delivered a lively performance of "Holy Diver," complemented by screams, headbanging and dancing. The judges — Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan — seemed a bit taken back by the audition. Once Karma was done with the song, Bryan jokingly asked the other judges to pray with him.

All three judges gave her a "No," but Richie elaborated a bit on his appreciation for rock 'n' roll during his response.

"I have not heard that song in 100 years. I'm a big fan of rock 'n' roll," he said. "I know this might sound kind of strange, but Rob Zombie happens to be one of my dearest friends, so."

See the clip of her performance and the judges' reactions below.

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After reading some of the comments on the video, we learned that Karma is actually the singer in two bands called Nevermourn and Evil Twin. She shared a photo announcing her American Idol audition on Instagram last week, and then wrote another post thanking her followers for the support after it aired.

Best of luck to Karma as she continues her metal career. Check out a video from one of Nevermourn's shows underneath the audition.

'American Idol' Contestant Auditions With Intense Cover of Dio's 'Holy Diver,' Gets Rejected

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