Good news people. If you've ever dreamed about being a professional singer for a living, but the shower just isn't cutting it anymore, you have a shot at taking your singing career to the next level. American Idol is looking for their next big star by hosting auditions the only way we've done anything this year with a group of people...through Zoom. Finally, those years of doing online singalongs and YouTube covers just may pay off.

Kalamazoo is no stranger to the popular show which enters into its 19th season this year, as our own Matt Giraud took the fifth place finalist slot on the eighth season of the reality television series in 2009. He was the first recipient of the Judges' Save. Giraud was compared to Michael Bublé and told, "I don't think you've had enough credit in this competition", from judge Simon Cowell. That could be you!

It's a tough competition and even making it into the qualifying round of the show is extremely difficult, but worth the fight. FOX 17 reports that "Idol Across America" remote auditions will take place in all 50 states, including Washington, D.C. for the first time since the show began, and registration and auditions will take place Monday, Aug. 24th. The pandemic has screwed a lot of things up but the shows creators are persistent to keep the show rolling through the pandemic.

If you're interested in auditioning,visit for more information regarding specific audition details, locations, eligibility requirements, submission forms and terms and conditions.

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