Amy Schumer graced the stage at Wings Event Center in Kalamazoo last night to the delight of a sell-out crowd.  Like many comedians, she opened the show making jokes about local things like Skyzone and the city of Climax.  Then she started a bit about how some in her immediate family are from the Midwest and say things wrong like the word Uber; mispronounced You-ber.  I'm sure everywhere else she performs that joke gets a laugh.  But not last night.

She realized right away that she must have touched a nerve as all the air seemed to get sucked out of the Event Center. She asked someone close why the reaction to Uber and the person made a comment to the effect that they didn't want to talk about it.  So she moved on with a joke about something she did as a girl that was embarrassing to make her feel awkward.

Further evidence she wasn't aware of the Kalamazoo Shooting tragedy came at the end of the show when she talked about gun violence and how two fans died following a mass shooting at a Louisiana movie theater during a showing of her Trainwreck.  I wonder how long it took after she came off stage for someone to explain why the Uber joke got the reaction it did.  It certainly wasn't any fault of hers.

Pray for Kalamazoo - Community Vigil and Service of Remembrance