Just about any sports bar or neighborhood pizza joint will serve you a helping of chicken wings, but there is only one location in Michigan that can claim to serve authentic Buffalo wings, the recently opened Anchor Bar in Rochester Hills.

What makes these wings so different than anywhere else in the state? The Anchor Bar is the undisputed inventor of the wing - and if you're a true Western New Yorker, you know that you just call them "wings" the "Buffalo" is unnecessary.

MLIVE.com reports that Michigan's first outpost of the Anchor Bar is located on Rochester Road and is the 15th in the chain.

So what wings can Michigan claim as its own? We suggest you ditch the sauce and go dry seasoning in the form of Lansing's iconic "crack chicken," a more-than-light dusting of a magic concoction only found at a few you-buy-we-fry locations in the capital city.

If you can't make it out to the Anchor Bar but still want something to drool over? Check out this visit to the original Anchor Bar.

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