If you've ever thought you had a bad at work imagine how the employees at a Chase Bank in Ann Arbor are feeling after a crazed customer decided to terrorize the bank they worked at after finding out his deposit hadn't cleared yet.

According to Ann Arbor police department, Stephen Wallace of Chelsea walked into the bank and became irate after finding out the deposit he thought was cleared for use actually wasn't.  That's when decided he'd had enough of bank policies and took to having himself some good old fashioned justice.

Here's the order of the crazed actions that Mr. Wallace is accused of taking:

*Screaming loudly in anger at employees a s he exits.

*Uprooting a mailbox outside the bank.

*Tied the front doors up wit guitar strings and begin banging on the doors.

*He threw various objects at the ATM machine.

*Picked up an animal trap with a concrete base and threw it through the bank window.

*His finale' was spectacular as he picked up a large chunk of concrete and tossed it through the drive-thru window.

Now it was time for a quick escape, which he did so by climbing on his bike and pedaling away.  Yes... on his bike!  Great plan there ace.

Obviously it didn't take long for Police to apprehend him several blocks away and fortunately there were no injuries but plenty of damage for his little fit of rage. Police are reporting over $10, 000 in damages to be specific. I only hope when he goes to pay the fine that there is enough in his account to cover the costs - that is, after he makes another deposit...yikes!!!

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