Another playoff, another first round exit for the Detroit Red Wings.  

This was one of those playoffs that depending on the game I thought the Red Wings could take this series.  Game 4 was their turning point.  If they would of won that game I think we would be getting ready for the Wings and Canadiens.  Congratulations to the Lightning they are moving on in the NHL Playoffs.

Though disappointing, I think this was a decent year for the Wings.  Many picked them to miss the playoffs all together and they made it in.  Some of the younger players got more experience and we finally got a great opportunity to see the future with Petr Mrazek in net.

I'm curious to see what happens next year.  Mike Babcock, whose contract is up, may leave, and who knows what players maybe on their way out.  I'm excited as the Wings have some upcoming prospects in Grand Rapids.  We may see some of those guys next year.

The future is bright for this team, rest up enjoy the off season and we'll see you guys in the fall!

Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images
Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

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