It was just last week that I was detailing that, along with the automotive recalls we've had so far this year, there were also recalls for cookies, chicken, barbies, drills, flour, infant medicine, fruit, canned spaghetti, tattoos, sausage and even marijuana.  As you can see, the majority of recalls will almost certainly be food and the latest recall is no exception.  It's chicken again!  Chicken Again???  Sounds like something your kids said when you told them what was for dinner!!!

This time, according to and article on, Tyson Foods is recalling 95 tons of Chicken Fritters because they may have hard plastic inside that were shipped to food service locations and were not sold in retail stores.  Tyson has received complaints from schools and so far no injuries have been reported due to eating the fritters.  if you want more information you can get it from the USDA by clicking HERE.



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