Hat tricks have been scarce in Detroit recently that is why Arby's and The Detroit Red Wings have made it easier for fans to get Curly Fries this season.

According to M-Live, Arby's has changed their promotion with the Red Wings.  Until recently the promotion was if a Red Wings player scored a hat trick (3 goals) fans could get free curly fries the next day.

Now fans can get free curly fries if the team scores three goals.  I can see the team being able to do that more than a single player scoring a hat trick.

It may seem like it will be hard for the Red Wings to get three goals each game, but so far this season they have done it three times.

I am surprised they waited this long to change it.   The Wings will be bad this season and for the die hard fans they maybe rewarded as long as the team can score.

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