Remember the Jim Stafford song "Spiders And Snakes"?  Well, I'm one of those people who's NOT uncontrollably frightened of either of them and, when it comes to spiders, they freak me out but I don't kill them; I remove them.

Now comes a story in the Lansing State Journal about a giant spider that was found in Elkhart, Indiana and some say they may be headed this way.  OK...I say they could be headed this way.  Now, I've seen more than a few tarantulas over the years and have held a few as well but this thing looks to be as big or even bigger and, according to those in Elkhart that took a look at it, this species was found on a boat and is usually found near water so I guess we have nothing to worry about.  So rest easy and don't worry about the site of it keeping you up at night after you take a look at it by clicking HERE.

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