Just when you think you've got a handle on all the scams that come at you over the internet, over the phone or at your door, there's another one to worry about.  No longer is it easy to just delete the email from the Nigerian Prince or ignore a cell call from a number you don't recognize or comes from another country.  No, the scammers are getting smarter.

There's a new way crooks are trying to separate you from your money over the phone.  BTW, remember one of the most recent phone scams where they just get you to say the word "yes" and then use that as confirmation to rip you off?  Well, things have escalated. According to NBC 25 News, the latest trick is "Neighbor Spoofing" where the criminals use numbers similar to your area and even your city.  In many cases the number looks a lot like many of the numbers in your contacts.  And once they get you to answer, the cat is out of the bag.  Get more details and ways you can prevent this by clicking HERE.

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