Is it just me are does it seem like hair and nails have taken on a more than rational importance in the lives of Michiganders and several other states in the U.S.  As I think back, when the early calls to reopen businesses started to be heard around America, gyms and hair salons were getting a lot of attention.

Then came the Owosso barber defying orders and opening up anyway which drew a tremendous amount of attention including national news and even other "hair professionals" flying in from around the country.  I understand why he did it but I don't understand why it was necessary to make such a big deal out of it from both sides.

That brings us to today and "Operation Haircut" in front of the State Capital.  Is this cause the #1 priority to get Michigan open and back to work?  I mean how many people are employed by barber shops and hair salons?  Don't get me wrong, these are jobs and for the people who do them they are very important.

My question is, shouldn't we get restaurants, bars, car dealers, stores and other businesses that represent a larger segment of employment open before we expend so much capital on hair & nails?  Sure some will say, Mike, you don't have to worry about nails and certainly not hair but why are people who do care, caring so much?

I've asked women in my orbit if I'm missing something when it comes to hair & nails and every one of them said you can do almost everything you need to do yourself or with a little bit of help from family and/or friends.  Personally, I think there are more important things to consider and even rally for.

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