It's nice when you can say something about Michigan like our basketball team is #1.  Not so nice when you hear that we're #1 with the highest auto insurance rates.  Forget about the perception in the rest of the country.  How about the fact that we pay more by a mile and have for far too many years.  You'd think that this would have been a priority a long time ago.  Oh wait!  It was!  But the job never got done.  Is it special interests?  Probably but they exist everywhere.  Why are Michiganders getting it shoved like we have?

Well here we go again.  According to a press release from Matthew Blanchford in Lansing, legislation was introduced today to finally reduce Michigan's highest-in-the-nation auto insurance rates.  Among other things, the bill would allow people over 62 the option of allowing Medicare or other lifetime benefits to cover medical costs and young drivers the ability to choose an amount of coverage that suits their needs and budget.  Get more information by clicking HERE.



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