Ever since the pandemic began we’ve had to change the way we do a lot of things, and one of the most difficult being the switch to remote learning. Teaching is an experience that’s best practiced in person, and remote teaching adds more challenges than ever before. Like when you’re supposed to be teaching math to a 6th grade class but your best guy friend comes over to smash you with some long division. That’s allegedly what happened in Aurora, Illinois recently, as a 6th grade "vendor" teacher was supposedly streaming herself doing sexual acts to an unidentified man.

This was clearly met with anger from the parents, however, there’s reports now from the Aurora Police Department that the live stream steaminess may have never taken place, recently releasing a statement saying that contrary to reports, there’s no evidence that an inappropriate video was ever shown in class. Some parents aren’t finding that a good enough excuse, like Corey Reiser who is taking the word of his son over the police:
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I would love for ADP to tell my son he is a liar to his face and not in a public statement.

Porn In Public

This is definitely not the first time pornography has been on display in a public setting. Back in 2019 one of the BIGGEST stories to drop was how kids hacked into a digital billboard anddrivers on I-75 near M-59 in Auburn Hills, MI were displayed porno as they drove by. That's some aggressive advertising.

The teacher is question in this story was apparently a fill in teacher who was from Florida, and her identity hasn't been made public.

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