Remember me telling you about a bar named Hub-Stadium in Auburn Hills that got it's liquor license pulled because of ax throwing?  I just thought, ya know, there was an ax there and, ya know, somebody decided to throw it at something.  Turns out ax throwing is a thing like darts or horse shoes or, ya know, throwing knives.

According to our friends at the Battle Creek Enquirer, not only is it a thing but there are clubs and competitions and leagues.  I had no idea!  There's an actual World Ax Throwing League with rules and everything.  Of course, you have your own ax just like you'd have your own bat or tennis racquet or bowling ball.  In fact, your ax come with a holster which is bad ax!...Sorry.  Anyway, the BTL Ax Throwing League is coming to Battle Creek for a Thursday league night.  Get more information and the rest of the story by clicking HERE.


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