Everyone seems to be jumping on the pet-friendly band wagon. From office buildings encouraging you to bring your dog to work, or pubs that offer a doggy deck, we are getting more and more comfortable with the average pet owner including their dog or cat in their daily activities. Hell, Ben and Jerry's just rolled out their Doggie Desserts line of ice cream, so even your after dinner treat can be shared with your furry best friend. But what about kicking back with a Kalamazoo favorite?

Bell's Brewery has extended their line of shwag to include beer inspired toys for pets. Now you can purchase a plush, squeaky can of Oberon, Two Hearted, Light Hearted or Official. According to the Bell's Brewery website, quote, these can toys are:

Perfect for when your best friend is bored, missing you, or just wants to squeak the hell out of something when you’re trying to get romantic or some shuteye.

But what about your feline friends? Bell's has you covered there, too. Taking the fish off the label of their Two Hearted Ale, and making it a fabric filled, crinkly, catnip infused toy, now both you and your cat can enjoy mellowing out with one of Bell's most famous brews. Their website basically gives you a list of reasons why you need this:

Do you love independent breweries, your cat, and award winning IPAs? If you answered yes to any of these questions this cat toy has a place in your home.

Now if Bell's could come up with a toy for a sugar glider, they'd finally have something for everyone, furry or otherwise, in your life.

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