COVID lockdown has been a little crazy. The last few months have seen me drive to work and home, to the grocery store and home. I'm surprised there isn't a rut made in the street due to by predictable driving pattern. So before you accuse me of being late to the Twisted Tea "Smack Me!" Video party, believe me, I was very much alive that last week of 2020 when that video went viral. I have seen it. In full. And its many iterations.

Stefani Bishop

However, not getting off my beaten path in a while, I decided to take the long way home one afternoon and I found myself stopped at the traffic light on Michigan next to Bottoms Up. That's when I noticed their marquee...

Stefani Bishop

Clever girl. I have no idea how long the owner has had this "Twisted Tea Now Requires Carrying Permit" message on their sign, but it deserves some recognition and a tip of the hat, for sure.

Viral videos don't have a very long shelf life. They've got a good week or two at most to be the thing everyone is talking about or parodying, and then another video, challenge, or trend comes along to steal focus. I had all but forgotten about the Twisted Tea video, how well Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk fit with the action, and how much that dude's head must have hurt. I have to thank Bottoms Up for the chuckle on my way home.

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