The 1st official day of summer is Tuesday, June 21, and here are the best ways to celebrate summer in Michigan.

1. Put together a summer activity list. You can plan just about anything all summer long, but the best thing to do is to write down everything on your own activity list. Each time you do one of those summer activities, just scratch it off the list and move on to the next one.

2. Go to your favorite ice cream parlor. For my wife and I, it's the MSU Dairy Store on the campus of Michigan State University. The Dairy Store is well known for having 13 weekly rotating flavors of ice cream.

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3. Have a first day of summer picnic. You can do this just about any day of the week. When is the last time you took the family on a picnic? There are so many wonderful places to go on a picnic in the Greater Lansing area. Lake Lansing in Haslett is very popular for a summer time picnic.

4. Kick off summer and camp out under the stars. It's a lot of fun just setting up a tent in your own backyard. It still feels like the great outdoors and it's a blast spending the night in a tent with your own sleeping bag. Telling ghost stories is always a fun thing to do.

5. Barbeque your favorite foods. Grill up your favorites like hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, and don't forget to add potato salad, chips, along with your favorite beverages.

6. Listen to your favorite summer time music. There's nothing better than listening to your favorite songs on the radio or one of your own personalized lists you put together. Music celebrates good times and summer fun!

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