We hear about such a thing more often than we used to which is good.  Maybe because no story goes untold anymore or, perhaps, the do-gooder wants some sort of recognition which is OK too.  I'm not sure the last time we heard about something like this in our backyard.  Well, it did indeed happen in Augusta and it sure is a great story for the holidays.

According to woodtv.com, the place is Dig-In Cafe just down the street from the main intersection in Augusta.  I have to admit I've passed by the restaurant many times and didn't think about it but now I certainly will.  This past Saturday a mystery couple had something to eat and then left $500 in cash.  Needless to say server Kristin Wykoski couldn't believe it and tried to chase the couple down to thank them but they sped away before she could which I think is only right.  It makes for a better story.  Find out what she did with the money by clicking HERE.



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