Obviously, things are very unstable in the Middle East right now. A surprise attack on Israel from the terrorist group Hamas on Oct. 7 prompted a war declaration on the group, and rockets to be hurled back and forth between Israel and Gaza.

Unfortunately hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been caught in the crossfire, some of which are Americans abroad. But there are some making their way home safely, including the son of a Michigan Representative, thanks to Rescue missions being chartered by Florida congressmen.

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This past week, Florida Republican Rep. Cory Mills began chartering rescue missions into Israel to bring home Americans who have been stranded due to the ongoing fight between Israel and Hamas. So far, he claims to have brought home nearly 100 Americans home with his flights, including the son of Michigan Representative Bill Huizenga.

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Huizenga is a U.S. representative for the 4th District of Michigan, and a member of the Foreign Affairs committee. His son was among those Americans trapped in Israel when the war broke out.

Mills said many Americans, including Huizenga's son, had plans to leave, and bought plane tickets, but some airports closed due to the threat of being fired upon, and flights out were canceled.

"A lot of them had lost hope. They had no idea how they were getting out of there. Some of them had looked at 'How am I gonna continue to even pay for a hotel?  I don't have the fees.' Most of them had flights that had been cancelled over and over and over again."

Mills, as well as other congressmen continue to book flights in and out of the region to rescue stranded Americans while the Biden Administration has pledged to find Americans that had been taken hostage by Hamas, and bring them home.

Israel Declares War Following Large-Scale Hamas Attacks
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So far, the war, in less than two weeks, has claimed the lives of more than 1,400 Israelis, and more than 3,000 killed in Gaza, and 12,500 injured. Intelligence also believes between 200 and 300 people have been taken hostage, including some Americans, and other foreign civilians living, or traveling in the region.

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