Isn't it about time we admit that making a point to watch the Detroit Lions play every Thanksgiving is just setting ourselves up for disappointment?

I mean, sure I have moments of pride for my home state's only NFL team, but in my 25 years on this planet, they haven't really done much worth getting super psyched about.

Does that make me a "monster"? Maybe. Am I wrong? Probably not.

Plenty of people out there would agree with that statement alone. People like, maybe, Bill Maher?

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Bill Maher Thinks We All Deserve Better

On a recent episode of his HBO show, "Real Time With Bill Maher", Deadline Detroit reports that Maher questioned one of the NFL and the Lions' longstanding traditions...

"Let's end the tradition where one of the football teams on Thanksgiving Day has to be the Detroit Lions," Maher said.

He then went on to explain his reasoning behind that opinion and pairing it with a joke about people who support former President, Donald Trump (you have been warned, take it with a grain of salt):

"Pretending that this is a must-see game is key to how we avoid talking to our families for three hours," he said. "It's hard to tell Uncle Phil, 'you know I'd love to learn more about how the Rothschilds are microchipping Trump supporters but the Lions are on.' I mean he's gullible, he's not that gullible."

Now don't let the political aspect of the joke make you miss his entire point. He's basically saying here that this "tradition" is getting old and getting less and less believable that anyone would actually believe you actually find it interesting enough to ignore everyone else for a few on Thanksgiving.


Okay, political opinions aside, the man kind of has a point. Have we, collectively, come to a point where the Lions playing on Thanksgiving Day is really must-see TV?

Sure, they usually pull some pretty big names for the National Anthem and halftime show, but they do that for any team that plays on "turkey day."

There have been multiple Thanksgivings where my uncle has actually not come to the family gathering because he is attending the Lions game. Granted, his BFF lives in Green Bay so whenever the Packers and the Lions face off on Thanksgiving, it's a big deal for two bros to get together for it...BUT STILL.

Lions Thanksgiving Day Game 2021

Look, if you are still interested in keeping up with tradition, I'm not here to judge (can't say the same for Bill Maher).

The Lions will be facing off against the Chicago Bears at 12:30 PM Thanksgiving Day at Ford Field in Detroit, official schedule.

If you need a reminder to not get your hopes up, CLICK HERE for a look at the Lions'  Thanksgiving Day game records since 1934...Definitely not as bad as we thought, but not the best.

The best we can do is just laugh it off, here are some memes to help:

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