Everyone's heard of a blue moon - the second full moon to occur in a month. But what about the much more rare back moon? We'll have a black moon overhead on Friday night.

Black moons, in contrast to the blue variety, are the somewhat rare occurrence of two new moons in the same month. The last black moon occurred in 2014.

Those who believe in the power of the moon and other celestial bodies, this month's black moon is significant because of the solar eclipse that occurred earlier in the month.

The first day of September brought with it a ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse – where the moon falls in line with the Earth and the sun above Africa, making it appear as if the sun had darkened. This, coupled with the Black Moon, has got many fearing the worst.

Black moons in general are considered special events

particularly amongst Wiccans, the black moon is considered to be a special time when any rituals, spells, or other workings are considered to be more powerful and effective. Others do not believe any rituals or workings should be conducted at these times.

So should you buy into anything special with Friday night's black moon, expect it to be at its peak around 8:12 PM Eastern.

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