After months of battling the covid impact on businesses and the state of Michigan's covid restrictions, the battle is over for Blue Moon Fitness in Battle Creek. The fitness center shut its doors on Sunday and this morning according to the Battle Creek Enquirer, a moving truck was spotted out front.

Blue Moon Fitness has locations around the country but Battle Creek is the only Michigan location for the company. The fitness center has been in Battle Creek for over 20 years and is heartbroken having to shutdown its only facility in Michigan.

Here's what Blue Moon Fitness owner Joel Potter had to say about the closing: 

"It is with great sadness that, after over 20 years of serving the Battle Creek community, this facility has closed," Blue Moon Fitness owner Joel Potter said in a statement. "This location has struggled financially for years and was only able to stay open because it was subsidized by our other locations. The final devastating blow was the impact of COVID-19 and the policies of the State of Michigan in responding to (COVID). Blue Moon Fitness – Battle Creek can be added to the list of hundreds, if not thousands, of tax-paying businesses that were not given a fighting chance to survive." - Battle Creek Enquirer

Employees and former fitness members are now looing to have to go somewhere else to work and work out. Gyms, movie theaters and bowling alleys were just recently allowed to open back up after the height of the covid pandemic hit back in March/April.

The recent resurge of Covid-19 cases however, forced the state of Michigan to reissue its restrictions on businesses staying open that are considered to be a risk to the spread of the virus and ordered them shut down again.

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