Indiana can lay claim to some legendary Basketball accolades. The movie "Hoosiers," and Mr. Basketball himself, Larry Bird from French Lick.

So it stands to reason that there's a home for sale in the Hoosier State that comes with its own basketball court. In fact, the home IS an old basketball gym!


"Rare opportunity for your very own high school gym. This is an honest to goodness treat. Former Wilkinson HS Gym has 1/2 court with original basketball goal & original maple flooring... New living space with huge rooms has been added to balance of building in the last 20 years."

Seriously, it's an old high school gym that someone has turned into a home, and it's kind of sick! You can just smell the sweat and popcorn in the stands. You can practically feel the embarrassment from high school gym class when they tried to get you to climb the rope.

Obviously, the old school, original maple floors and half-court gym are the main attraction, but the actual living area of this home is pretty impressive, still. Just look at those rooms!

Part of the living space, and the kitchen still have the same original maple floors as the basketball court. AND, there's actually an original painted "key" on the floor in the kitchen from the other end of the court, for when you're shooting things into the garbage disposal freethrow-style.

And gyms are huge, so understandably, all the rooms are huge. You could practically hang a hoop on the wall in every room of this home.

And the "back door" of the living area, opens directly up into the gym... though I might have picked some more sturdy windows, or at least put something there to protect them from an errant pass.

But four bedrooms, three bathrooms, your own private gym on 3.6 acres, just east of Indianapolis in Wilkinson, Indiana... for just $299,000? YES PLEASE!

It does look like the home is undergoing a few more updates, but if you're a gym rat, this is definitely the home for you. And even if you're not, you can throw some pretty sick parties in this place!

Indiana Home for Sale is Literally a Gym With Private Indoor Basketball Court

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