It was set to be a hometown retirement party for Bob Seger with his final farewell tour ending in Detroit. Now, he's on the road again, adding more cities.

If he's feeling great and having a good time up on the stage and wants to stay out there in the spotlight a little longer, I can't hold that against Bob Seger, but, as a Michigan music fan, I feel betrayed. The upcoming 6 shows in June at DTE were set to be the final shows of the tour; a grand finale, a Dee-troit party to wrap the farewell tour of a hometown hero as the travelin' man settled down. Now, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band will be on the road again in September, with 10 shows booked though October (for now.)

Again, I can't begrudge him for enjoying a victory lap and soaking up the adoration of sold-out crowds, but I know fans who spent good money thinking "OK, tickets are really expensive, but it's worth it because this is the last hurrah, I've got to see him before he's done." Now, it looks like Bob is not ready to turn the page just yet.

Is it personal? No. Do I still feel let down? Yes. Kiss fans know what I mean.

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