Believe it or not, there was once a time when MTV actually played music videos. What a concept - music television, playing actual music videos. These days if you want to be on MTV you have to be a pregnant teenager and if you want to watch a music video, you go to YouTube.

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What matters most when shooting a music video? Location, location, location. Michigan has been the perfect backdrop for quite a few music videos. Some of the biggest names in music have shot videos in the Great Lakes States including Poison, Bob Seger, and Uncle Kracker. Kid Rock and Eminem have both made more than one music video in Michigan.

The list below does not include multiple videos from the same artist and I am aware that there are more than just five videos that have been made in Michigan. This is just a taste of what has been produced in the Great Lakes State.

It is cool to see these musicians in places that many of us have been to including the Upper Peninsula and Joe Louis Arena. Enjoy the Michigan-made videos below.

Poison - 'Ride The Wind' was filmed at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

Uncle Kracker - 'Smile' video was filmed in Mount Clemens, Hale, and Long Lake.

Eminem - 'Fall' video was filmed in Detroit's Corktown

Kid Rock - 'Born Free' video was filmed in Alger County in the Upper Peninsula

Bob Seger - 'Detroit Made' video was filmed in Detroit

Halestorm - 'I Miss The Misery' video was filmed in Flint.

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