I stand up and applaud these parents! Bravo, nicely done. Sam -- this family's loveable Elf on the Shelf -- suffered a debilitating accident.

After no doubt growing tired of being tasked with moving Sam from place to place each night, these parents rushed Santa's little helper to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Jenn Thelen tells Fox 26 that her seven-year-old daughter's Elf on the Shelf fell from his perch and was attacked by the family's German Shepard, Zoey. Thelen, who works as a nurse manager for Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, rushed Sam to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Poor Sam -- He's completely immobilized and won't be able to be moved for weeks.

Well played, well played. (And feel free to show the video below to the kiddos as proof of an unfortunate accident that may somehow occur in your home.)

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