Where do they get these people? With all the baking and sweets associated with Christmas, how did this get chosen as Michigan's favorite candy?

Candystore.com is the site that always give us the favorite Halloween candy for each state. This time, they've ranked Christmas confections across the country.

Not without controversy.

As you may have guessed, chocolate ranks at the top of the list with Reeses' being a favorite in many states- their minis were #1 in 1/5th of the country in an era when 20% of Americans can't agree on anything. Pez is no longer popular. All but forgotten, the candy of yore garnered no top spots in any state and only showed up in the top 3 five times overall.

Now, on to Michigan: Reindeer Corn is our favorite Christmas candy. REINDEER CORN! You know that's just candy corn with different artificial colors, right?

What can we say? The football team color is “Maize” for God’s sake. I’ve never heard of that color existing in any other context. Michigan is part of the Corn Belt. They even genetically modified their sweet corn to increase the sugar content from 9% to 35%. They just LOVE the corn.


Click on any state on the interactive map to see their top 3 favorite Christmas candies or scroll through the entire list below.

h/t WITL

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