Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about what you're doing for Santa Claus this year. Once a year, he gets to live every person's dream, and consume a MASSIVE diet of milk and cookies for 24 hours. BUT, old Kris Kringle can only eat so many sugar cookies before he starts forgetting whether he's in Holland, Netherlands, or Holland, Michigan.

SO, why not make a statement, and leave Santa the most popular cookie in Michigan, that way, he knows, he's flyin' over God's Country.. Michigan.

Of course, cookies aren't just a Christmas dessert, but around this time of year, it  becomes an art form.

As a kid, we would meet with all of our cousins at my Grandparents' home, and spend the day decorating Christmas cookies. Then, on Christmas Day, when the family all gathers, there in the middle of the dessert table, are our cookies.

Hearing our parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents comment on how great the cookies looked was a core memory I'll never soon forget.

So yeah, cookies are important. Even as a kid, I was picky as to what we left out for Santa. And nothing felt better to come out on Christmas Morning to see the milk gone, and bites taken out of the cookies. (In retrospect... why would Sant only take one bite out of a cookie, instead of eating the whole cookie?)

But as I mentioned, Santa can only stomach so many sugar cookies, so let's get to the bottom of it.

Michigan's most popular cookie... is the traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie. You just can't go wrong with it, right? No frills, no added nuts or peanut butter... just... Chocolate Chip Cookies. To be honest, what more iconic of a shape to go with these iconic cookies, than a state that looks like an oven mitt?

Michigan's Favorite Cookie

In fact, Michigan made such a good choice, that both Indiana, and Illinois decided to copy us, and go the route of the chocolate Chip as well. But we all know (and so does Santa) that Michigan's Chocolate Chips come with the love baked right into them.

And then there's Ohio, who DID put in peanut butter with their Chocolate Chip Cookies... Just gotta make it weird, don't ya Ohio?

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