If you’ve ever been to the Grand Rapids Comic Con or other fun local events you no doubt have heard of Captain Wallace. Kalamazoo's own Daniel Monroe, who himself is Captain Wallace is also an author and has illustrated children’s books for many people, including Detroit Pistons legend, Dennis Rodman.

But aside from being an artist, he also makes it a point every year around the holidays to do everything he can to provide a good Christmas for a local family. Talking to Daniel, he elaborated on why this is so important by bringing up a painful time in his past.

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Many years ago, when my children were very small, I found myself unable to provide for my family. My little family, which at the time consisted of my wife and two toddlers, had just moved into a new apartment in a new town, with no car or transportation. I had just lost my job - we had little money and food - we were barely scraping by.

Through these hardships, he also struggled around the holidays, which is why he's intent every year to bring holiday joy to those in need:

On Christmas Eve, I received my last paycheck from my previous employer; it was a small sum, about $60. That night, I set out on a mission to try to make Christmas possible for my family. I walked five miles in a snowstorm to the nearest toy store with the hope that I could find something for my children to open on Christmas morning. I spent what I could, and although it was not much, I brought home two toys – one for each of my young children.

This is why the Captain's Christmas Giving Adventure! Campaign is such an important part of his life because he made a promise after those hardships ended that if he ever found himself in a situation where he could help another family provide during the holiday season, he would do it.

How To Help

If you know a family who is in need during this time, you can submit their information to Captain Wallace at d.monroe@captainwallace.org and provide their name, address, phone number, ages of all family members, and their story (Why you are nominating them).

The Goal of The Campaign

They're hoping they can provide a complete Christmas meal, presents for the children, presents for the parent(s), a Christmas Tree (optional), and food to last beyond Christmas day.

For more on his story and to donate, visit his site here.

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