Now that most businesses have reopened, are you ready to return or be in a crowd again?

After work Friday, I stopped by the post office to mail some bills and next to the post office was a restaurant with people eating and drinking outside. I have to be honest, personally I was uncomfortable and walked way around the crowd to drop off my mail.

Everyone has a different threshold of what is good for them but I keep remembering the other countries that shut down before we did and reopened before we did and then had the coronavirus pick right back up.

I'm not sure our economy can withstand another shutdown if the coronavirus numbers climb to the point of another shutdown.

I love live music in a bar or a full blown concert, but those are two things I am just not ready for at this time.

I know businesses need the support, so for me what is working is carryout and curbside service.

I work downtown and I saw all these people having drinks at a variety of locations and was surprised at how many people were grouped together like the pandemic suddenly just disappeared.

I hate to see any business suffer, but I'm going to continue like things are still shutdown. Until there is a vaccine or some way to treat COVID-19, I think its best for my son and I to avoid being in close contact with strangers.

Heck, I haven't seen my parents since Christmas and because of their age, I don't want to visit until I have had a test. I'm not sure if you can just get a random test when you're not showing symptoms and the last thing I want to do is take a test from someone who really needs it.

So I guess, use your best judgement and your comfort level on entering businesses again. I notice a lot of people not wearing masks and the scientists say that the masks are huge in helping keep the spread of the virus down.

Wear a mask, be smart and safe, we have a long road a head of us until we get past this pandemic. In the meantime, it is a pandemic and you may want to react as such or we all may find ourselves in a much worse situation if there is a second shutdown. None of us want or can afford that.

Cleaning Up Downtown Grand Rapids - May 31, 2020

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