When I was a kid we didn't worry about nothin'.  We played outside all day in the summer roaming the neighborhood and playing plenty in the woods that seemed to be everywhere before the urban sprawl.  Bugs were a part of our lives and we learned what to do and what not to do when we came in contact with them.

But I do have to say that there was always bit of terror underneath the surface of our consciousness when it came to leaches and ticks.  We really didn't know much about removing leaches and thankfully never had to.  Ticks, however, were a different story.  We knew that if a tick got into you and started to grow from your blood, you couldn't just pull it off; you had to get a parent with a cigarette so they could coax it out by nearly burning it's back. Today, ticks are on the move in Michigan and, according to clickondetroit.com, you can get Lyme disease but also a rare allergy to red meat!!!  Find out how by clicking HERE.


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