Sure it's part of our history but sometimes we don't put these events in this particular context.  If you don't already know, once you do you'll say: "Oh that's right.  Of Course."  What may also be fascinating are some of the historic firsts from neighboring states.  Indiana's historic first is Wabash, IN became the first city in the world to be illuminated by electric lights back in 1880.  The Home Insurance building in Chicago is said to be the first skyscraper built back in 1885.  And the Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first professional baseball team back in 1869.  So what about Michigan? has the Historic First from every state and it's very cool to check them out.  As for Michigan, the historic first is the world's first moving automobile assembly line developed by Henry Ford, of course, back in 1913.  In just one year, the plant in Hyland Park decreased production time from 12 and a half hours to 93 minutes!  Check out the rest of the historic firsts by clicking HERE.

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