The card catalogue is a relic of the past; the human race may be too if you are not successful in defending Kalamazoo Public Library against a horde of the undead.

Readers are leaders. It also helps to be a good shot. Team up with a partner (someone with brains) to see if you can live through the after hours zombie apocalypse scavenger hunt at Kalamazoo Public Library. Designed for students in grades 6-12, it's kind of like an undead escape room, as the goal is to use your resources to find items that will help you survive the night. Be careful- you never know what may be hiding behind the Horror shelf!

The brain you have been nurturing by reading may be a delicacy for mindless zombies on the prowl through the stacks. Your job is to literally save history- the collection, from being overrun if you can stay one step ahead through the night, using your imagination and ingenuity.


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