Michigan is no stranger to Zombies... at least when it comes to cinema. Both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are Michiganders, and are responsible for one of the most popular zombie franchises in the film industry - The Evil Dead.

But there's a big distinction between fictional, and "real" zombies, and we might have just seen our first REAL one in Detroit this past week.

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I was scrolling through TikTok, as one does every waking second of my life, and came across a strange video.

At the moment, my FYP (For You Page) is full of a lot of Detroit content, and Halloween stuff. Of course, we're getting into spooky season, and I've been talking about the Detroit Lions a lot around my phone. So naturally, it listens to me.

Well, that combination stirred up a uniquely specific video that seems to have occured at a WalMart, near the meat section.


@blakewtf guy was just hungry i guess #fyp #detroit ♬ kiss meta change the world - Kiss Meta

Now, it's unclear WHICH WalMart this happened in, but clearly, you can see a dude chowin' down on a big ole hunk of meat he pulled out of the cold case, right in the middle of the store.

Not gonna lie, that would shock the hell out of me as well, and I'd likely never return to WalMart again. Hell, I might never go to Detroit again after seeing that.

Just one more reason shopping at Meijer is preferable.


Clearly, though, once you really watch this video, it's GOT to be a prank. It looks some young guy hunkered over a piece of meat from the cold case. Not to mention, the guy's account is "BlakeWTF."

But hey, people believe ALL kinds of things on the internet these days.

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