Over many years, we have seen a lot of the larger chain grocery stores, make a lot of changes to the interior of the stores, and layout that affect how we know and remember these stores. Not only have these stores gone through massive remodeling phases, like Meijer and Walmart, but the way you check out has vastly changed from how it used to be in the old days.

It's very seldom now that you will even use an actual cashier to buy your groceries, normally just going to the self-checkout. Well, now it seems that Target is the next major retailer to switch to a self-checkout layout. Target recently made an announcement saying that Nearly 2000 stores across the US are going to start using the express self-checkout format.
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To use the self-checkout you have to have at least 10 items or less. The good thing is it’s not going to completely be overrun by self-checkout, as they’ve also stated that they’re gonna be opening more traditional lanes that are staffed by their team members.
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They reassure people that things may seem like they're going more robotic, but they're also upping the training for their growing staff. So for now it doesn’t look like self-checkouts are going to completely take over Ohio Target stores, but they are coming so get ready for it.
How do you feel about these grocery stores adding more self-checkout lanes? Do you miss actually having a cashier or do you find it easier to do it yourself and not have to talk to anyone?

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