Canadian Pacific's Holiday Train delighted fans of engineering and elves as they lit up Detroit while passing through on its route from Windsor to Chicago.

It's like being on the "naughty" or "nice" list, sometimes you're not quite sure. Canadian Pacific doesn't own the tracks in Michigan, so the miles are not part of their official Holiday Train route. They never make promises to turn the lights on but almost always do.

UpNorthLive shared video captured downtown Detroit at about 11:30 pm on December 1st. It's not the magic of the Polar Express, but the excitement is high and you can almost feel the spirit of Christmas as the locomotive shines the lights of Christmas from station to station.

You don't see this often; comments on Facebook were all positive- the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Beautiful, this is so Wonderful they do that
  • Wow that is AWESOME. Would love to see yhis
  • Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas
  • So cool! Every car is lit up
  • Would love to see that sometime
  • Thank you to the person for filming, and sharing, this! Some of us don't have the opportunity to see it

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