Michigan dispensaries may consider adding a wine cellar as non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused wine from Napa Valley, California will soon be available in Michigan. 

The vine and the bud come together in this non-alcoholic beverage that will still make you feel good. House of Saka has just signed a Michigan distribution deal to bring their Saka Spark Mimosa, a cannabis-infused wine to dispensaries this spring.

Budtenders won't exactly have to become sommeliers, as there is only one type of drink being offered right now. Investment website Bezinga.com had the exclusive story.

House of Saka Spark “Mimosa” is a cannabis-infused beverage that blends premium, alcohol-removed California sparkling Chardonnay with Mimosa strain-specific live resin and natural essence of orange blossom and nectarine. The result is all the flavor and celebration of a traditional Mimosa without the negative effects and unwanted calories of alcohol.


So, which came first, the bud or the vine? The roots of wine-making go back to 6,000 BC, and people all over the world have used cannabis, for thousands of years for social, medical, and spiritual reasons. "Some archaeological finds show that wine and cannabis infusions were popularly used for a variety of uses to pain relief and sedation during surgery and for religious rituals as far back as the second century A.D."

"Cannawine," as it is being called, is non-alcoholic, but you will definitely still feel the effects. Like alcohol, cannabis is relaxing, can be a social lubricant, and in theory, may lower your inhibitions and alter your state of consciousness if consumed in excess. It is basically an alternative to smoking marijuana or consuming edibles. The cannabis-infused wine will be sold at The Botanical Co. dispensaries in Michigan. The provisioner currently has locations in Kalkaska, Lansing, and Tawas.

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