Ever heard a cat sing the unmistakable intro of Disturbed's classic "Down With the Sickness"? Well, you're about to, thanks to the work of social media users on the spry video-sharing outpost TikTok.

It all started last month with a request from Jalen Amend (@the_jaybird379). He highlighted a clip of a small feline's meow that sounds remarkably close to Disturbed singer David Draiman's aggro staccato that opens "Sickness." Amend wanted to know if anyone could remix the song with it.

"I know I don't got a lot of followers," the listener addressed viewers, "but if someone could make that cat sound to 'Down With the Sickness' — that 'wah-ah-ah-ah' — that'd be great. Tag me in it."

As luck would have it, another TikToker was up for the challenge. In a Dec. 13 response, a creator named Wyatt (@fly_wy) excitedly applied the suggestion and presented viewers with a version of Disturbed's "Down With the Sickness" intro supplanted with the cat sound.

"[I] fuckin' like the way you think," Wyatt answered. "Consider it done." He re-shared a clip from Amend's original vid followed by footage of him working on the amalgamation. Wyatt then headbangs over a screenshot of the Disturbed The Sickness album as the mash-up cat intro plays.

The cat rendition even got Disturbed's attention. On Thursday (Jan. 14), the band let their followers in on the funny video by sharing it across their social media outlets — including their TikTok.

The kitty's name is Storky, and she's a veritable TikTok sensation in her own right. The original TikTok vid of Storky singing — it was first posted in November 2020 — has almost 20 million views. Before the Disturbed version, the same clip sparked numerous other cat duets across social media.

It's just another example of the creative teamwork that can arise when social media users get together on an enjoyable — if not side-splittingly absurd — idea.

Maybe Disturbed can work the "Sickness" cat intro into a live show sometime.

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