The immediate headline may raise a few eyebrows, but eventually, you have to figure, we will return to some level of normal. Right?

Cedar Point, which opens on May 14th, has announced the park's safety protocols for the 2021 seasons, and at first glance, they appear to have been eased somewhat. The one item that catches the eye is that safety masks won't be required (though, still recommended) while riding the roller coasters and rides at the amusement park. And if you read further, you know that masks are still required at any indoor facility at the park.

On their website, Cedar Point points out these "Changes from Last Season":

  • Reservations will be required for Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark. Both Season Passholders and Single Day Ticketholders will need reservations.
  • Temperature checks for guests have been discontinued.
  • The health screen questionnaire will be conducted by associates at all entrance gates and will not be through the Cedar Point mobile app.
  • There will be no limitations to ride capacity, but social distancing remains in place while waiting in line. Face coverings are recommended while riding rides.
  • Guests aged 10 years and older are required to wear face coverings while indoors, unless actively eating and drinking. Face coverings are not required outdoors unless it is not possible to maintain 6’ of social distancing. Face coverings should completely cover the nose and mouth, and not have exhalation valves or vents, which allows virus particles to escape.

These rules really point out the difficult position the park and it's generally young employees are in, in making sure these rules are being followed.

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As the sergeant said on the TV show, "Let's be careful out there."

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