A Michigan man is accused of punching an employee operating a rollercoaster at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.

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What Are the Details?

The man accused of the assault is 18-year-old Dean Graff of Lincoln Park, Michigan. Graff is accused of punching the rollercoaster operator eight or nine times in the head, according to witnesses who saw the altercation unfold. The altercation only ended when bystanders intervened.

The incident took place Sunday night (7/24) as the man was preparing to ride the park's 'Steel Vengence' rollercoaster. Fox-8 TV in Cleveland reports that the worker operating the coaster was checking to make sure all passengers' seatbelts were correctly fastened when the man accused the worker of touching him inappropriately.

The altercation took place immediately after the coaster returned to the platform.

According to police reports obtained by Fox-8 TV, police observed cuts and swelling on the victim's head and multiple scratches and blood on Mr. Graff's hands.

Michigan Man Charged With Assault

Graff has been charged with assault in connection to the altercation and police investigators say they plan to review video footage of the incident. Erie County police say the man should have contacted Cedar Point management rather than take matters into his own hands.

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