Happy National Suspenders Day everyone!

18th century France is how far back we can go to trace the origins of suspenders.  Originally suspenders were pieces of ribbon run from buttonholes in the front of the pants to buttonholes to the back of the pants.

It is said Benjamin Franklin wore suspenders even though they were considered undergarments at the time of Franklin and nobody would've seen them to even know he was wearing them. Believe it or not, Mark Twain owned one of the first patents for suspenders in the United States.

Suspenders fell out of favor in the early 20th century but regained favor when Humphrey Bogart made them stylish on the big screen once again. Other celebrities who can pull off the suspender look include:

Robin Williams: But only as his beloved character Mork form Ork. Who couldn't forget those rainbowed colored suspenders. Just goes to show you, even aliens have good taste in accessory clothing.

Jaleel White: Suspenders weren't the only odd thing worn by White's socially awkward character Steve Urkel on the TV show Family Matters, but they certainly added a lot to the character's eccentric dress.

Larry King: Probably the most famous celebrity to don the suspender look. Larry didn't intend on being the suspender trend setter, he just had lost a lot of weight from surgery and couldn't keep his pants up and the look stuck.

Santa Claus: Almost forgot about the jolly elf whose belly shook like a bowl full of jelly between his suspenders that is. Lets put Santa a close second  behind Larry in suspender popularity poll.

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