Hastings must top the "nice" list this year as Santa has already made a visit. Also, since it's 2020, watch out for the Grinch. 

It might seem early, but the end of October is right on time for a Santa sighting in Hastings. Every year, Jeremy Haight makes an appearance as Jolly Old St. Nick, spreading joy around town. Boy, do we need it this year. I spoke with self-proclaimed Santa's helper Jeremy when he did this in 2018 and he told me,

My family has been doing a tradition. We are full-out on Christmas, we do a display and stuff. It's my generation to dress up as Santa and bring people joy in life. So, I went to a school and saw kids with disabilities and made Christmas come to them.

-Jeremy Haight, Santa's Helper

In 2020, there's been talk of people putting up Christmas trees early to bring some cheer to a year of quarantine and Coronavirus. It's hard to say if sheltering in place and limiting interaction has made it easier to make the nice list, but we want to get to Christmas and then ring in 2021 as soon as possible.

Jeremy made the rounds in his hometown of Hastings once again as Santa. This year, being 2020, had a Grinch sighting. Take a look in the gallery below and here's hoping these pictures make your heart grow three sizes.

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Santa Sighted in Hastings



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