In 1851, this lighthouse became the first to be built at Cheboygan Point. The lighthouse included a place to live and a separate 40-foot, round brick tower.

After the lighthouse was utilized for eight years, the waves & high water continuously washed away the lighthouse’s land and foundation, so the tower was removed. It was rebuilt in 1859 into a 22-foot-tall square wooden tower over a two-story, eight-room residency. When 1890 rolled around, a locomotive steam fog signal was added to a separate structure.

So what happened? Why is it now just a pile of ruins?

When the Shoal Light was erected in 1930, the old Cheboygan Lighthouse was deserted. Thanks to vandals, the State of Michigan deemed it necessary to demolish the historic lighthouse. It was unceremoniously torn down in the 1940s.

You can freely visit the ruins and get some great photo ops. You’ll find ‘em within the woods at Cheboygan State Park. To get there, you’ll have to park in a selected area on Seffren Road, then get out and hike the trails (you can camp there, too).


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