Michigan Challenge: Visit the 10 smallest towns in Michigan.  How many of these tiny towns have you been to?

Michigan is truly one of the most beautiful states in the nation.  Specially when it comes to our tiny towns.  Most of the 10 smallest towns in Michigan can be found in the Northern portion of the lower peninsula or near the thumb of the mitten.  Except for one cool Southwest Michigan town.   All population estimates for the 10 smallest Michigan towns below come from the United States Census Bureau.

#10 Gobles

With an estimated population of only 798 residents in 2019, Gobles grabs the 10 spot.  Gobles is known for having some of the most delicious pizza in Van Buren county with Nino's Pizza.  Gobles also has their own Urban Legend.  Get more info on Gobles by clicking here.

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#9 Caseville

Caseville had an estimated population of only 798 residents in 2018.  This tiny town sits close to the thumb tip of the mitten.  Caseville is known for their 10-day Cheeseburger Festival.

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#8 McBain

McBain had an estimated population of only 670 residents in 2018.  This small Michigan town has a long history as it was settled in 1887 according to wikipedia.  You can find McBain in between Roscommon State Forest and Huron-Manistee National Forest a little East of Cadilac.

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#7 Rose City

Rose City had an estimated population of only 631 residents in 2018.  This small community in Ogemaw County was settled in 1875 and incorporated in 1905.  The thriving lumber town of Rose City was engulfed in flames in 1910 according to wikipedia.

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#6 Mackinac Island

This very popular tourism spot in Michigan had an estimated 471 permanent residents in 2019.  Mackinac Island was one of the earliest Michigan towns to be settled (1670.)  However, they weren't founded until 1817 then incorporated in 1847 according to wikipedia.

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#5 Harrisville

The estimated population of Harrisville, MI for 2019 is just 467 residents.  This small Michigan town is the home of the Glenview Clydesdales according to wikipedia.

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#4 Whittemore

This tiny town in Iosco County only has an estimated 373 residents as of 2018.  This is yet another tiny town very close to the thumb of the mitten.

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#3 Gaastra

As of 2018 only 325 people call Gaastra home.  Gaastra is in Iron county in the Northern portion of the lower peninsula.  This tiny town shares a police and volunteer fire department with neighboring town Caspian.

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#2 Lake Angelus

This small city has recently stolen the crown as Michigan's smallest city but lost it again to Omer.  Lake Angelus had an estimated population of 307 in 2019.

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#1 Omer

Even though Omer has the title of "Michigan's Smallest City," with an estimated population of 289 in 2019.  Omer and Lake Angelus have swapped the top spot as the smallest Michigan city a couple times over the years.  Omer is in Arenac County and yes it is another tiny Michigan town right across the Saginaw Bay from the thumb.

Omer, Michigan sign (Credit: waymarking.com)

If you're up for the challenge, or have already been to one or more of the small towns, share your pictures in the comments.

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