Must be one of those days and I hope these days come fast and more frequent.  In the face of the unexpected crisis comes unexpected acts of kindness that, once again, prove there's hope after all.  It's always easier to do nothing for most people and then there are those that who follow another calling...generosity.

The site tells us longtime Royal Oak resident and downtown building owner Bill Harrison is lowering monthly rents to $1 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Harrison has small business retailers in three buildings he owns on Washington Avenue.  He made the decision in response the hard times businesses are having during the spread of the coronavirus and the state-ordered closure of most businesses.  As soon as this hit he sent a message to all three tenants and told them to just send a check for $1 for April (rent).  He’ll consider whether to extend the $1 rent deal beyond April depending on how events unfold within the next month.

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