The year 2021 is the year we collectively lost our minds. Starting at the beginning of the year with the storming of the Capitol, and all the other stuff, and while this next thing is relatively minor by comparison, it just illustrates that we have indeed lost our minds.

If you follow football, you probably have a team you root for. If you're a fan in Detroit or Chicago, there's not a lot to cheer about these days. And I'm not against booing. But.
Use your brains people. Think human decency.

Bears coach Matt Nagy will probably be replaced, if not this week, then after the season. But these are human people, and they do have families and kids. And those kids don't deserve to be ragged on. That's out of bounds. Way out of bounds.

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Nagy's son plays football for Lake Forest High School. The school was playing against Cary-Grove High School and with Nagy in attendance, some Cary-Grove fans thought it was a good idea to chant "Fire Nagy".

The school dealt with it in a proper way.

What stands out is, children learn this kind of behavior from their parents.

Whether it's a Matt Nagy or a Matt Patricia, keep this idea in your head. What if the roles were reversed? What if you weren't doing well at your job and your kid was playing a game, and a bunch of your co-workers came out and yelled to have you fired.

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