With Chris Cornell’s tragically premature death on May 18, 2017, the rock world lost one of its most versatile and enduring talents and one of the most powerful and engaging voices in the music industry.

In a career spanning four decades, Cornell guided Seattle Grunge legends Soundgarden from the underground trenches to superstar status, yet still found some time to lead the Temple of the Dog side project. After Soundgarden’s demise, Cornell embarked on a risk-taking solo career that was temporarily suspended – for good reason – when he joined three out of four members of Rage Against the Machine in the supergroup Audioslave. Some years later, Cornell had reunited with Soundgarden and even toured with Temple of the Dog shortly before his death.

At the time of his death, his involvement in all of these projects proved that his passion for performing and creating new art was obviously still strong. So one can only wonder at, and mourn over, the music he might have made if his time hadn’t been cut so unmercifully short. Unfortunately, all we can do is celebrate his life’s work with this ranking of Chris Cornell albums.

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