The music world suffered a great and shocking loss in 2017 with the death of Chris Cornell. It appears that a posthumous release from the singer may be on the way. The singer's social media accounts have all posted a new image of Cornell's scrawl with the hashtag #WhenBadDoesGood and the date Sept. 21. In addition, his official website also offers a form to fill out to be updated as new details are revealed.

Cornell's Facebook account has also been updated with a new featured image that appears to be an artistic rendering of the singer, which could double as the artwork for whatever project is coming from the vocalist. See both teases below.

What will be arriving on Sept. 21 remains to be seen, but at the time of his death there was talk of a covers album as well as work on a new Soundgarden disc. Cornell had also spoken of his desire to work again with Audioslave and had spent time the previous year playing shows with Temple of the Dog. There has been rumor of a multi-disc release coming as well, but a single for an upcoming set is the more likely arrival on Sept. 21.

A new statue of Cornell was initially set to go up in Seattle in late August, but the ceremony was pushed to Oct. 7 at MoPOP in Seattle, complete with a screening of a Soundgarden show. With that event on the horizon, it's possible that Sept. 21 will provide the first tease of something bigger being released in coordination with the statue unveiling.

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