As we know, there are a million reasons why bands call it quits. Sometimes the members don't get along, other times they want to pursue different paths creatively and, unfortunately, tragedy has impacted a lot of groups as well. But a lot of the time, new bands form as a result of these incidents.

For example, Audioslave formed as a result of the disbandments of both Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. Both groups broke up, and a supergroup was formed as a result. So we wanted to highlight some of the other major acts that were established after the split of another.

We're not calling this a list of "spin-off groups" because we're focusing on a particular set of parameters. Firstly, the bands that they sprouted from had to have broken up, regardless of the reason. If they continued on with different members and the former members simply left and started a new project, that doesn't count. So, Megadeth won't be on this list, because Metallica kept going after Dave Mustaine was fired. Same goes for Black Sabbath.

We also aren't calling it a list of supergroups because, well... it's not. Not all of the musicians who became part of the secondary groups were also part of other famous groups beforehand, so just keep that in mind as you scroll through.

Check out 17 rock and metal bands that formed because another band split below.

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